Have you every wondered why you feel hungry? There’s a few reasons it could be:

  • Your body is empty and you need more food to re-fuel.
  • You have eaten a high amount of refined carbohydrates (sugar), which has caused your body to increase its insulin levels initially and it’s now led to your blood sugar levels dropping so your body wants more.
  • It’s a habit you’ve formed, for example, you always have a biscuit with your mid-morning cup of tea. You always have that latte and muffin on the way to work. You always have a dessert after dinner.
  • You’re bored or something other than food is lacking.
  • Your body really needs nutrients. Although you have eaten, the food choices you made contained very little nutrients and now your body is trying to get you to eat again in order to get them.
  • You’re actually dehydrated and thirsty rather than hungry.

So, how do you know if you’re genuinely hungry or just having a food craving?

Next time you feel as if you HAVE to eat that biscuit, cake, crisps or whatever your guilty pleasure is, stop and drink some water and wait for 20 minutes.

If it’s a craving this will pass after 20 minutes. However, if you’re still feeling hungry then it’s genuine hunger and you need to eat – a healthy snack of course!

So, remember hunger is felt in the stomach, but cravings are felt in the mind.