Why do we need to talk about menopause in the workplace?

Being able to attract, develop and retain talented people is essential for a thriving workplace culture, enhanced business performance, and competitive advantage.

Investing in wellbeing and inclusion is a critical business strategy that benefits both your people and the business.  And that strategy has to include promoting an environment where menopause can be talked about.

The physical and psychological symptoms of menopause symptoms can be far reaching and have a significant impact in the workplace not just for the person experiencing symptoms but for colleagues and clients too.  Common examples include:

  • Poor memory and concentration resulting in an inability to recall facts, figures and names leading to a loss of confidence in oneself and with colleagues and clients.
  • Sleep disturbance which has been proven to effect memory, the ability to think strategically and manage moods.
  • Hot flushes which are uncomfortable, embarrassing and can give rise to a reluctance to attend internal or client facing meetings for fear of visibly breaking into a sweat.

The risk for businesses in terms of loss of talent, knowledge and experience is real with 1 in 4 women considering leaving work because of the severity of her symptoms.

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“Julie’s style is super engaging and she makes a taboo subject accessible for all.”
Jennie Pitt, LNER

“I attended a works Menopause Awareness Webinar today, and it was one of the best training sessions I think I’ve ever seen. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

Alison Ford, Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government

“The interaction on the chat box was great, I hadn’t expected so many of our colleagues to get involved.  Your style certainly put people at ease and increased the engagement; thank you!”

Liane Byrne, Sandvik

By adopting an open culture with regards to menopause in the workplace encompassing the five key pillars of engagementeducation, awareness, support and sustainability your people and organisation will experience:

  • Enhanced performance

  • Increased career confidence

  • Reduced presenteeism

  • Greater employee engagement

  • More inclusive culture

  • Higher talent attraction & retention rates

  • Better gender equality

  • Lower absenteeism

  • Reduced legal risk

  • Improved resilience and motivation

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Let’s work together to create a menopause in the workplace programme and toolkit designed specifically for your business and workforce.

What organisations say about working with me

Thank you Julie for the clear and concise menopause webinar that you provided for Action for Children.  It provides an easy to follow and very informative overview of what the menopause is, how it impacts on an organisation and best practice solutions.  Highly recommend.

Siobhan Corria, Head of Inclusion, Action for Children

I found Julie whilst looking for a training provider to help with periods and menopause.  Julie has been a delight to work with, always on hand for questions and so knowledgeable.  The feedback from the training she has provided to the company has been 5 stars.  Everyone has commented on the quality of the training and the likeability of Julie as a trainer.  For me, finding and working with Julie has been such a good experience and Julie has not only helped Royal London but she has helped me on a personal level.  I encourage you to work with Julie for all aspects of periods and menopause.

Julie Collins-Powell, Royal London

Julie is a knowledgable and engaging trainer on menopause in the workplace.  I brought her in to provide some specialist support for my clients who are from both the public and private sector and she received positive feedback across the board.  She is easy to work with, flexible and personable.

Rosie Clarke, Senior Inclusion and Diversity Consultant, Inclusive Employers

At Yorkshire Housing we are committed to promoting a working environment of equal opportunity that’s free from discrimination or harassment.  So when staff approached me to ask for training and awareness with regards to menopause we immediately put it in place.

Julie has delivered a series of workshops across all our sites in Yorkshire to support female colleagues experiencing symptoms.  Typical comments collected at the start of each session included confused, exhausted, worried, anxious, forgetful and scared.  By the close of the workshops these feelings had transformed to relieved, informed, confident, in control and optimistic.  We also ran an initial line managers training session which received excellent feedback.

There has been a very quick shift in attitude towards menopause.  We’ve created a yammer group for female colleagues to share experiences and tips, posters have gone up to help raise awareness throughout the organisation and a guide for managers is in development.  At Yorkshire Housing we see menopause at work as an ongoing initiative and part of an annual training programme.

Emma West, Senior People & Development Adviser, Yorkshire Housing Limited

Julie visited our organisation to present and discuss the menopause and ensured it was an inclusive topic and dealt with in a professional and sensitive way. We wanted women to understand more fully the symptoms and triggers of the menopause and ways to manage it. We wanted our male members of staff to understand more fully how they might be able to help female staff during this time and what to be aware of.

Julie was professional, helpful and caring and staff were able to ask more sensitive questions at the end outside of the main session.  The session was a great success and was part of our Health and Wellbeing programme.  With an ageing population and people working for longer, it’s really important to embrace this topic, be proactive and support your staff when and where possible.  I have no hesitation in recommending Julie to other organisations.

Adele Monk, HR Manager, IMC Worldwide

We were keen to raise awareness of the menopause amongst our retail teams and Julie’s Menopause workshop hit the right note.  Julie delivered the information in a friendly, realistic but professional tone providing both practical and balanced advice.  Following the workshops our Retail Managers reported feeling more knowledgeable and  confident about supporting team members going forward.

Tina Wallace, People Manager, Cook

Not only women experiencing symptoms attended but also managers who were keen to understand how best to support staff.  The session was held in the Council Chamber and one of the participants commented ‘it was a momentous occasion in a historic room’.  Julie uses a great mix of fact, humour and personal experience to deliver an interactive session.

Deniece Dobson, Partnership & Relationship Manager VCS, Luton Council

I’ve had the pleasure of attending two menopause workshops run by Julie – one in the office and one online. Both sessions were really engaging due to Julie’s supportive delivery style. We have had excellent feedback from our attendees, many telling me that they feel reassured and pleased that we are highlighting it in the workplace. We’ll definitely be continuing to talk about menopause at work, and have a number of initiatives underway to allow us to do that. Thank you Julie, we can’t wait to invite you back!

Vikki Gilson, Learning and Organisational Development Manager, Catalyst Housing
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